Blind tunnel

In order to proceed with the excavation and the construction the tunnel, it is necessary to move only the utilities that interfere with the excavation. The works involve half of the roadway of via Nizza in proximity to residential buildings. The works also touch upon pedestrian passageways. This phase will last about 6 months.

In order to guarantee absolute safety, the terrain involved in the excavation is artificially consolidated from the surface by injecting cement that then forms a protective covering directly at the depth of the future tunnel.

The works involve the centre lane and will be carried out with perforating machines and silos to contain the material to be injected. This phase will last about 10 months.

This phase will last about 10 months. While the area freed of the construction site on the surface can be used for parking, excavators dropped through two shafts that connect the surface to the underground near via Baretti and via San Pio V can continue with the excavation; the shafts also allow the excavated materials to be removed and the construction material to be lowered into the tunnel. The construction site should occupy the central lane (duration of these works will be about 12 months).

Once the excavation is terminated and the foundation of the station is constructed, the tunnel is ready for the installation of the tracks, the technological systems, the safety equipment, and the connections with the Control and Command Station required for the train to operate. This phase will last about 10 months. In this stretch of the tunnel, two tracks are planned for the trains to travel on.