Line 2

Line 2 (not yet under construction) is intended to serve the northeast-southwest metropolitan axis of Turin. In 2006, a task force established by the City of Turin, the Public Transport Authority of Turin and GTT carried out an in-depth analysis of four potential routes. The feasibility study, approved by the City Council in June 2008, identified a 14.8-kilometre route to be built in two sections. The first section  begins at the new Rebaudengo station on the city railway line, and runs across the Dora river,  through Piazza Castello and  Piazza Solferino, and along Corso Re Umberto, where it intersects with Line 1.

The second section follows Corso Re Umberto, then Corso Stati Uniti and Corso Duca degli Abruzzi as far as Corso Orbassano, stopping at the new Zappata station on the city railway line, and then continuing as far as the Cimitero Parco near the city limits. In June of 2008, the City issued a request for expressions of  interest to evaluate the potential for real estate investments along Line 2 in the Vanchiglia area, with a view to changing urban planning rules to promote such investment, in tandem with upgrading transport infrastructure.