Collegno- Cascine Vica westward extension

Collegno- Cascine Vica westward extension

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Sud Lingotto – Bengasi extension

The Collegno-Cascine Vica extension will be 3.4 km long and will involve the construction of four new stations (Certosa, Collegno Centro, Leumann and Cascine Vica). The Certosa station will function as an interchange point with the Collegno railway and part of the station will be constructed above ground (the only part of the metro system that will be above ground).

The route will follow Via E. De Amicis as far as the intersection with Corso Pastrengo, then pass under the Torino/Modane railway and continue under Corso Francia as far as Cascine Vica in the Municipality of Rivoli, where it will intersect with the east ring road.

An interchange commuter carpark will also be constructed near the Cascine Vica station.