Line 1

Line 1

The VAL system

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Sud Lingotto – Bengasi extension

Ovest Collegno- Cascine Vica extension

Turin’s underground metrosystem represents a core element of the City of Turin’s programme to upgrade public transport infrastructure.  The system currently consists of a 13.2km “Line 1” running from Fermi (in Collegno) to Lingotto (a hospital district and multi-purpose zone), with the route passing through the heart of the city via the stations of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa, The line is serviced by 29 lightweight and driverless VAL208 trains which cover a distance of 13.2km in 23 minutes. The VAL driverless technology allows for frequent services and flexibility in scheduling, providing an ideal solution for Turin’s transport needs.


The metro system is also integrated with surface public transport and parking facilities, allowing for rapid interchange between different transport modes and increasing mobility in the city. For example,  the Fermi commuter carpark in Collegno enables people living outside Turin to use the metro system to arrive quickly in the city centre.

MetroTorino - quick and integrated
Quick - because the average time it takes to travel from one metro stop to the next is just 60 seconds, with total travel time from Fermi to Lingotto (a distance of 13.2km) at just over 23 minutes.
Integrated - because stops for surface transportation and commuter carparks can be found just a few minutes walk on foot from metro stations.

MetroTorino in the future
Infratrasporti.To is continuing to make improvements to the metro system. Having concluded an extension to Line 1, connecting Porta Nuova to Lingotto, financing has already been obtained for the construction of a further southward extension to Bengasi, while planning for a westward extension of Line 1, towards Cascine Vica, is underway.